The vision of the Arab Pharmaceutical Company:-

Ensuring the safety of patients health and care by increasing the effectiveness and safety of drug use.

The message of the Arab Pharmaceutical Company:-

One of the company primary goals is to ensure the safety and quality of all its medical preparations.

As the company pharmacovigilance department seeks to make a continuous assessment of the balance of benefits / risks for any of its medical preparations circulating in the market and that are actually used by patients.

The pharmacovigilance policy of the Arab Pharmaceutical Company:-

The Arab Pharmaceutical Company is well aware that as soon as medical preparations are marketed, new information appears that may have an impact on .


Balance the benefits/risks of these preparations.

One of the most important goals of pharmacovigilance is to make a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of this information to ensure the safe use of all preparations Medicinal products that are circulated and used by patients.

Therefore, the Arab Pharmaceutical Company established a pharmacovigilance department, whose basis for its work is to identify and collect any undesirable effects related to the use of Any of its preparations and then analyzed appropriately in order to use the drug safer and prevent the occurrence of these effects again.

Through this department, continuous communication is made with the Egyptian Pharmacovigilance Center (EPVC), one of the most important departments of the Egyptian Ministry of Health, in order to evaluate To ensure the safety of using the products of the Arab Pharmaceutical Company on an ongoing basis.

The Arab Pharmaceutical Company is committed to implementing good practice of the pharmacovigilance system and thus improving patient care and safety and that is through : •

Contribute with the Ministry of Health in evaluating and achieving a balance between the benefits and risks of using the company's medical products •

Training all company employees on pharmacovigilance to increase awareness of the principles and importance of this science and how to report adverse effects for any of these products •

Communicate with health care workers and citizens in order to exchange information on the safety of using the products. Improving the way medicine is used to be safer and more effective, thus maintaining patient safety and improving public health  .